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Cooranbong's Art Project

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Cooranbong Community School has been using technology such as the internet , hyperstudio , multimedia and e-mail . Class 5/6B has been using e-mail and voice mail .

They have been key pals to Whisconier Middle School in America . Some of the kids from 5/6B and 5/6s are in a competition called Murder under the Microscope . In that group they have to find the villain and the victim of the environmental problem .

The kids from Mr Barron's class have been doing a website competition about twin lakes with Whisconier Middle School and we were given a highly commended award . You can see our project at or .

Mr Barron's class have been doing computer buddies with Mrs Vicich's class . We teach the kids in earlier grades to use the computers .

The infants classes have been using programs such as Creative Writer , Kid Pix and Kindergarten Blaster and PM Story books.

All of the classes have been using Microsoft works , Encarta, word pad , Claris works , front page express and creative writer . The school has an Intranet which doesn't go world wide it just stays in the school . Year5 and year6 went to Australia's Wonder Land for a technology excursion . by Anthony L .