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Principal: Di Cox

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Welcome to our school Home Page!

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Cooranbong Community School is a NSW public school situated at Cooranbong, a semi rural area at the southern end of Lake Macquarie, Australia. At the moment NSW schools are celebrating a sesquicentenary of public school education. As part of our studies this year students have worked on this website to present it in 3 parts -what our school and local area was like in the past, what's happening in our school at the moment and where our school may be headed in the future. If you are just after general information about our school please follow the links of Cooranbong Present. However we hope you check out all of our website and enjoy our students' work!

P.S Cooranbong is new to using technology to enhance learning but we are leaping ahead in bounds. If any businesses would like to help us in this area we would greatly appreciate any donations of equipment as our U.S contact school has done. Please support our efforts here in Australia.

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