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Sport, Health & P.E

Cooranbong Community School participates in many sporting activities and has achieved success participating in P.S.S.A inter school matches.


Sometime in term one or two Westlakes was holding a netball carnival.Our teacher Mrs. V. entered us in it. We only had about three weeks to practise and to organise a team.We had so many people who wanted to join but we had to take only twelve people to the gala day. Mrs. V. was too busy to take us so another teacher, called Mrs. T. , who knew about netball took us. When the day we had all been waiting for came , we happened to come late and only played the first game with only five people but we won. After that game we sat down to decide who would play in the next game and to have a drink.That day we knew we had at least ten more games in the hot summer wind. We were very proud by the end of the day as we had won every game except Wyee who we tied against. Before we found out who was in the final we sat in our teams as some ladies congratulated everyone for participating and trying their best. Not knowing what was going on next they called out some names from schools so they could select a team for the regional netball gala day. Jascinda and Crystal were picked to have a try. When they had finished deciding we sat down as everyone waited to know who was picked out of the lucky people who would be picked. So far Jascinda or Crystal hadn't been picked but in the end Crystal was picked. After that our team was lucky enough to get into the final. It was very tiresome and very long, though we got beaten it was a great day. -Crystal S.D.


The Cooranbong Community School boy's soccer team took part in a school gala day earlier this year. It wasn't such a successful day with the side winning only one of it's five games, however all students involved had an enjoyable time. Bobby B. was picked to represent in the Zone Rep. Squad. The boys' and girls' soccer teams also played in the P.S.S.A inter school competition. -Luke S.


Cooranbong school has a  cricket team .We made it to the 6th round in the state knockout.On 21st of October we played cricket and lost against anther school. The score was 137 to 55. Two of the other team's players retired at 40 runs. Many games this year have been postponed beacause it was very wet. Our cricket coach's name is John.-Jason M.


jump rope for heart

Cooranbong school has been doing jump rope for the last two years. Some of the other kid's are really good at it, I'm not really good at it. When   you're out in the play ground ask Crystal S.D  to do some tricks for you because she is good at skipping. My old class 4/5 S used to skip every morning during the week. Some kids just skip for fun and some skip seriously for their heart. But nearly every one I know skips for fun. The whole thing is to save people from dying from heart disease and if you smoke it makes it worse. We have a skip-a-thon and raise money for the Heart Foundation By Dominic W.