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Special Events

 At Cooranbong Community School we have many varied and interesting special events and excursions. Here are some of the special events we have had this year.

Aboriginal Culture Day          Every year our Cooranbong Community School has  an  Aboriginal day. It's where some Aboriginal people  come  and  do   5 or 6. Activities like Artifacts, Movies, Boomerang Throwing, Bush Tucker and Didgeridoo.

Easter Hat Parade       Every year our school has an Easter Hat Parade.This is when people  dress up in fancy costumes and hats. They walk around the grass area in our school. The best person with a fancy hat gets a prize and lots of little easter eggs are given out.Our library teacher  sells some books to the children to raise money for our school library. -Jessie

BOOK WEEK                Every year around August Cooranbong Community School has a Book Week Parade. The teachers and kids all come dressed up as different things e.g favourite book character, spooky things, fairy tales or whatever theme they are studying in class. This year the best teacher costume was Mrs. D who made Xena Warrior Princess.

Excursions                 Cooranbong school goes on many excursions to help our learning and make it fun. This year we've been to Wonderland, Bookaburra, Newcastle Museum, Eraring Power Station, R.T.A Bike safety, Myuna Bay Sport and Rec., Sydney Aquarium and shortly yr5/6 shall be going on a school camp to Bathurst. -Jamie C.