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Creative and Performing Arts

Creative and performing arts are an important part of the curriculum at Cooranbong Community School. Arts are an essential part of a well rounded education. We participate in various dance and art competitions throughout the year and have started an Internet Art Project. We have specialist teachers attend our school at times to assist in dance, music, drama and art.

Bells Group At Cooranbong

We Have A Bells Group At Cooranbong Community School. In Bells we play all sorts of songs  like: Coming Round The Mountain, and other songs but I can`t name them all.The people that are in bells are: Cindy, Leina, Amy, Samantha J.,Samantha Mc.,Tom , Dale, Rhianna , Shaun and that`s all. In Bells you have to watch out you don`t clang them together or it will scratch really bad. And our teachers name is Mrs Hansford.We practise Bells every Thursday and Bells aren`t things like the one at school that you have to ring for lunch or recess or when we go home.They have stickers on them to tell you what type of music you are playing and this is what they look like: By Cindy R.

Guitar   We are fortunate at Cooranbong to have Mrs Donahue who teaches us guitar. We are given individual lessons that cost $2 for half an hour. Mrs Donahue teaches us songs like "Midnight Special" and lots more. We are doing two songs for the Christmas concert, "Turn on the Sun" and "The Glory of Love". A few students will be doing solos during the performance. - Joe M.

Dance         During the last couple of years Cooranbong Community School has had a dancing teacher called Miss Debbie. She has gathered up some children for dancing and taught them how to dance.So far the senior dance has learnt "Yankee Doodle", "Phantom", "Haleluja" and "Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet". Now the dance we are learning is a Micheal Jackson dance.You can learn a lot ..By Dominic

Choir           At the start of the year about 50 to 60 kids joined up for the choir. We learned 3 song's called Moon Shadow, Oobla Di Oobla Da, and Turn On The Sun. Our 3 teachers that took us are Mrs Noble, Mrs Wrightson, and Mr O Brien.  We are going to sing some songs at the Christmas concert. We practise choir every Thursday afternoons. Our first performance was at Toronto High school and then at Avondale Church and then in front of the school. We are going to perform at Cooranbong Nursing Home.              BY SIMONE S..