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The word Cooranbong comes from the Aboriginal word "Kour-an-bong" which means rocky bottom creek or water over rocks.

Lieutenant Percy Simpson was the first European settler in 1826 when he was granted 2000 acres. He lived on the land until 1828 and then left his convict servant, Moses Carroll in charge. Other early settlers were:   

1833 Frederick Augustus Hely with Alexander Oliver          1837 John Manning                                                         1860 James Armitage & Thomas Russell                           1861 The Malone, Deaves and Blackford families

Thomas Russell acted as postmaster, operated a number of businesses and started the tourist trade. Other early industries were dairy farms, swan hunting, timber mills, fishing and shipbuilding. For a time line of Cooranbong's history since European settlement CLICK HERE-Cody J & Khan V.

For more bits 'n pieces of school history click here.