Tsunami are caused from earthquakes under water , volcanic eruptions and landslides . In the deep sea their length from wave crest to wave crest may be hundreds of feet . In less then a day these tsunamis can travel from one side of the Pacific to the other . Tsunami can not be felt on board a ship but they can be seen in the air . In the deep the tsunami do not go very high, they could only be a little ripply , but they they can still reach speed of 500 miles per hour .When tsunamis hit the shoreline water normally as deep as a foot   can get to the size of 50 to 100 foot . Tsunami are a threat to people and property - all coastal homes near the sea . For example in 1992 and 1993 over 2,000 people wear killed by tsunamis . In Nicaragua , Indonesia and Japan the damage bill was $1 billion . In Papua New Guinea a 23 foot wall of water flattened their villages on the north western shores of Papua New Guinea on July 17 1998 .

Report by Anthony L.   (Cooranbong Community School)