Survey On Grandparents At School

Interview with Grandpa
1.What year did you go to school?


2. What do you remember about your first day at school?


3. What school did you go to and high school.?

4.Did you ever get the cane.?


5. What was the uniform.?



6.How did you get to school. ?

7.What time did you start school and finish school.?


8. Did you have a canteen at primary school and high school. ?

9.How many teachers and   kids were there at primary school. ?



10. How many kids at high   school.?

Interview with Grandma


1. What year did you go       to school. ?

2. What do you remember       about your first day at       school. ?

3. What school did you go       to and high school.?


4.Did you ever get the cane. ?


5. What was the uniform. ?




6. How did you get to school. ?



7. What time did you start  and finish school. ?



8. Did you have a canteen   at primary school and       high school. ?


9.How many teaches and kids were there at primary school. ?


10. How many at kids at high school.?

1. Primary school  1936 - 1942  High school 1943-    1946                                                             

2. My mother walked me to school, 1 1/2 miles away and I cried and I didn't want to stay there.

3.Morisset East Public School high school- Gosford

4. Once at high school


5. We didn't have a uniform   at primary school but had grey shorts and a blue shirt for high school.

6. Primary school bike, high   school train.

7. Primary school 9:30am to   3:30 pm high school 9:00am to 3:30pm.

8. Only at high school we didn't have one at primary school.

9. There were 15 kids from   year 1 to 6 there was no kindergarden and just one   teacher at the school and only one classroom.  


10. About 980 kids.



1. Primary school 1939-to       1945   high school 1946-        to 1948.

2. My mother took me to school there was a lot of kids there and I was scared.

3. I went to Gosford Primary Public School I went to Gosford high school.

4. No but I got hit on the      hand .     


5. No but there was a uniform in high school it was a navy blue tunic and white blouse.


6.I walked to primary and high school and a few years later we caught   the bus.

7. At primary school 9:30-      to 3:30pm high school       9:00am - to 3:30pm.        


8. Yes we had a tuck shop and primary school and high   school.  


9. There were 8 classes and 250 kids.



10. About 980 kids.