What school was like in the 1960’s

School was very disciplined when my Mum and Dad were at school. They could even get in trouble for having their hair the wrong way.

Teachers would throw pens and pencils at them to get their attention. If they were being naughty they would get the cane, either on their hand or on their bottom.

Sometimes they would be sent out of class for a spelling mistake! They could not use a biro so they used fountain pens and if it smudged they would have to do it again.

My dad was suspended for having his hair too long and when he came back he got suspended again for having it too short.

The kind of work they did included arithmetic [maths], geography, English, Scripture, art and history. When my dad was at school he would have to swim in the pool in the winter. He even went Cross Country running through a river that had ice on the top. For P.E. and Sport they would play soccer and bean bag games. At lunchtime they would play football and marbles.

My Dad would get to school by bus or by bike. If he missed the bus in the afternoon he would have to walk 8 Kilometres to get home .