In what years did you attend the school?(eg 1934-1st class,1935-2nd class).1903-1st class,1923-5th class-1924 sixth

class,1930-1938,1937-1945,1938-1943,1935-1944,1920 1st class 1921 2nd class-1922 3rd class-1923 4th class-1924 5th class,1923 5th class-1924 6th class 1929-1939,1918-1924, 1919-first class,1935-6th class.

What were the teachers names? Mr.Ted Jones, Hugh Moulhearn, Miss Ranyard, Chris Tilts, Ms Butler.

What subjects did you like at school? English, Geography, Sewing, Composition, History, Maths, Arithmetic,

Did you use exercise books? Slates? Crayons? Slates then Books, Exercise Books and Crayons,

What subjects did you hate most at school? History, Arithmetics, Maths, English, Geography

What sort of games did you play most? Soccer, Rounders, Marbles, Hop Scotch, Cricket,Tennis, Red- Rover, Jumping, Running, Tennis, Skipping,

What were the desks like? Long desks,Wooden, Stools- Metal

How did you come to school?Walk, bike, horse etc.Walk, Bike,

Please jot down here any memories of the school you would like to share.

Enjoyed picnics,Wonderful School, Sport, Maths, Christmas Parties, School Plays,