My Mum's School Years 1966 -1977

     My mum went to public school at Guildford in Sydney .She didn't  have to     wear a uniform . One part of the school was for kindergarten to 2nd class. 3rd class to 6th class was on the other side of the school . 

Every morning the milkman use to deliver small bottles of milk free from the Education Department . When my mum was in 6th class she was allowed to      be  a milk monitor . This is a person who made sure that every child got 1 bottle.

My mum used to have to walk 2 miles to get to school because there wasn't a bus . When mum was in 4th class she had to start wearing  a school uniform . Mum said that if you were naughty the principal used to give you  the cane across your hand . This was mainly if you were a boy .

When mum went to  high school she had to walk about 2miles as well.The grades were called  1st form to 6th form . In high school mum said they used to play heaps of sport . Mum  liked hockey and softball the best . Mum represented her school in softball .They used to be really strict on wearing a uniform and jewellery . My mum went to 4th form .When she left she cried because she said that the teachers were her friends.

Mum says that her school days were the best days of her life. Maybe she   might swap with me. By Jessie D.