fasion2.jpg (52812 bytes)Fashion in the 1860's

Fashion has changed widely since Cooranbong Community was built in the 1860's. Fashion started changing rapidly since Queen Victoria's time. Wide sleeves started to disappear and the bulge of fabric was moved further down the arm. Large hats were quickly forgotten about in favour of the poke bonnet. Shawls were in fashion all over the world. The general effect was subdued and modest. The increase of skirts in the early 1850's caused the revival of the hoop in an improved form. Crinoline, a stiff fabric made of horse hair and linen thread. Fairly soon the hoops started getting made from flexible materials. Sometimes the hoops were made as a separate structure, other times they were sewn into the petticoats.

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Mens clothes in this time had a somewhat sombre look. The mens top hat was forgotten about in favour of the shiny silk hat, usually black. The mens clothes were also black except for a fancy waist coat. The shepherds plaid trousers were occasionally worn. The cut away coat was only worn as evening dress now. High neck clothes were forgotten about as collars and ties came into fashion. fashion1.JPG (64948 bytes)

Children's clothes were not as sensible as they had been 50 or 60 years ago. Fortunate boys got dressed in sailor suits, but unfortunate boys were dressed like " Little Lord Fauntleroy" in velvet suits with lace collars and cuffs with their hair in long windy curls. Little girls were dressed in elaborate soiled garmets with lots of lace. Their skirts were shorter than those of adult women, but their waist was nearly as tight. The fashion changed yet again when blouses became popular. The blouses had plenty of lace.

Renea M & Kodie Leigh B.